breathing stone reminderMany of us could use a good lesson in breathing. Yes, Breathing! Our autonomic system pumps our blood, has us breath without thought, and moves food through our digestive track. But many of us do not breathe correctly. Deep breathing moves the air deep into your lungs and revitalizes your body. Add fresh air to your deep breathing and you create a self-curing cocktail!

  • Feeling stressed, lethargic, or melancholy?
  • Struggling to lose those last few pounds?
  • Ever just know you were not happy but did not know why?

Many of our ailments can be attributed to a lack of oxygen! By learning to breathe deeply and get fresh air every day you can get your body kicked into gear and begin to heal! Who knew?!

Harvard Medical School and Oprah

What does Harvard Medical School and Oprah have in common? They both know that deep breathing is the key to self-healing! Those who practice Yoga are also aware of how important proper breathing is to focusing the mind. Oprah even has an article on her website about this very thing:

“…getting more oxygen—by simply changing the way we breathe—can facilitate healing from a startling number of serious conditions, including chronic pain, atrial fibrillation, asthma, digestive issues, depression, and a wide range of stress-related illnesses,”

Harvard Medical School wrote an article in 2009 about the importance of deep breathing and even noted that deep breathing,

“…allows you to tap one of your body’s strongest self-healing mechanisms.”

Breathing Fresh Air

With the warmer weather many of us are eager to get outside or fling open our windows. That is until the stifling summer heat arrives and we shut our homes up tight and crank up the air conditioning. Sometimes no matter how much we want to breathe in some good old fashioned fresh air, we are stuck inside with florescent lighting and stale commercial air. By the time we are finished with work we have to rush home to our families. The little bit of air we breathe between work and home is hardly enough when we are rushing. Combining deep breathing and fresh air can improve digestion and aid a person in losing weight as their body becomes more efficient at breaking down food. Blood pressure and heart rate will improve as the oxygen in the blood becomes more concentrated and your heart will not have to pump as hard to distribute the oxygen. This means more oxygen to your brain too! No more cloudy thoughts and increased energy! Even if the only time for breathing deeply is before bed or on your way to your car; you can still improve your health and mood by getting it in when you can. Deep breathing before you go to bed at night can help you release the tensions of the day and wake in the morning feeling fresh and new!  

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