washing vegetablesOrganic food is healthy, and little organic soil is good for us. So, why do we need to wash our produce if the food is pesticide-free, toxin-free, and all-natural? The reality is that even if you have been very careful and diligent to purchase only organic; the outside of the product may not match the purity of the inside. Your produce may still not be as toxic-free or chemical-free as you are hoping. While it is tempting to pop that plump grape into your mouth while driving home from the grocery store, the outside of your produce may not be as toxic-free as you are hoping. It’s still essential to purchase an all-natural and chemical-free Fruit/Veg Wash.

‘But they are organic! Why can’t I just use water?’

The answer is cross contamination!

Organic fruits and vegetables go through a rigorous certification process to be able to be labeled safe for the organic community. It is one reason that the cost of organic produce is so much higher than conventionally grown produce. But this does not protect our food from being contaminated by pesticide and herbicide drift. When a farmer dedicates their farm to growing organic produce they go through a lot of pains to keep their farm contaminant-free. However, due to those who choose to spray their fields with hazardous chemicals to control pests and weeds, the air can carry those toxic substances to the organic farmer’s field. While the concentration is not nearly that of the non-organic farmer, there is still a measure of cross-contamination that an organic shopper would not want to be exposed to. Production is another area for your organic produce to runs the risk of residual chemical contact. During packing and processing some manufacturing companies are used for both conventionally grown produce and organically grown produce. While the company works to not mix the two during packaging, there is always the risk of contamination through handling or shared conveyor belt systems.

It’s Not Just Dirt!

Even if your organic produce reads that it was pre-washed this usually means it received a brief shower of plain water before packaging. This helps to remove the loose debris (soil) and makes your produce look clean and shiny for the shelves. There may not be any loose soil inside of your car after shopping, but this pre-wash does nothing to remove stronger toxins and germs. Pesticides and herbicides were made to stay with the plant even when it rains! Soil will wash off with a water spray, E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella will not! In 2006 there was an outbreak of E. Coli attributed to some contaminated (and organic!) bagged spinach. Additionally, our food comes from all over, even our organic food. We can pass germs to each other through a handshake and through the handling of our food. (You also have no idea who squeezed that melon before you!) iGozen offers their Fruit/Veg Wash along with their Meat/Fish Wash to help you ensure that no toxic chemicals are left on your food supply. Using an organic chemical-free product is important to ensure you are not putting more toxins on top of possible toxins. Organic and all-natural is healthiest.

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