tractorPesticides and Mental Health

It is not surprising to hear that pesticides pose a risk to your health. Once again, a 20-year study is showing a strong correlation between pesticide use and increased cases of suicide and depression. This isn’t even the only study that has made this link. Mental Health is as important (if not more so) than physical health. So how may pesticide use be invading your life and influencing your mental health?

Mental Health Correlation Study

From 1993 to 1997 roughly 29,074 female spouses of farmers participated in a study to determine the mental health changes possibly related to pesticide use. Seven doctors joined to work on this research. “After adjustment for state, age, race, off-farm work, alcohol, cigarette smoking, physician visits and solvent exposure, depression was significantly associated with a history of pesticide poisoning. …Studies over the past forty years show an association between neurological effects and exposure to organophosphate (OP) insecticides. In the past decade, several studies have suggested a possible association between pesticide exposure and depressive symptoms, particularly among cases of acute poisoning. Depression associated with a pesticide poisoning may persist for years after the poisoning,” The National Institute of Health recently (November 2015) released another study that was part of the above original research. A total of just over 89,000 individuals participated in the study. The data was staggering – depression and suicide seem to be strongly related to pesticide exposure. One of the doctors commented that they there is no surprise that pesticide would negatively affect neurologic function. As much as 90% of the target population were affected by pesticide use.

What Can I Do?

First and foremost do your best to each only organic foods. If you have a garden, learn the many ways you can protect your plants that don’t require dangerous chemicals. Implementing beneficial insects and planting specific plants together can combat an insect with the munchies for your garden. Even more importantly, wash your food! Even eating all organic cannot adequately protect you from the cross-contamination that can happen during transport and processing. Be careful to choose a chemical-free organic food wash like iGozen. Taking an active approach to protecting your mental health will help you to find balance in other areas of your life too. Our next post will talk about what you can do to strengthen your mental health and combat depression. See you then!

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