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In many areas, the weather is still chilly, but very soon that cold winter air will make way for spring blooms! Spring does tend to make the feet wander outside and to distant lands. Illness can come anytime but with new bugs and viruses, like the Zika virus – one cannot be too careful. While your travel plans may not take you much further than then the next country or state – you still should be aware of travel illness to keep yourself healthy.

Location, Location, Location!

Whether you are traveling afar or near, many potential ailments can hedge your travel plans. Here are a few tips to help ensure a relaxing vacation:

Travel With Your Health

  • Check Fit For Travel to see what health hazards may be present at your destination
  • When traveling to tropical locations or developing countries, eat only fruits that can be peeled and foods that have been cooked. Drink only drinks from cans, wine, and sealed bottles, and do not use ice cubes in your drinks. Remember only use sealed, bottled water to brush your teeth! You can also take along a trusted organic food wash to be extra safe.
  • People taking anti-acid prescriptions run a greater risk of developing traveler’s diarrhea. The reason? Less stomach acid to protect them. – So be on guard if you regularly take antacid.
  • If you are planning to travel to a destination more than 2,000 feet above sea level, be aware that you can suffer from ultraviolet exposure in the thinner air, as well as altitude sickness. It takes 3-5 days for your body to acclimatize to higher altitudes. Make sure you thoroughly research the area you want to visit so you will know the signs.
  • One of the biggest causes or hepatitis abroad is the needles used in tattoos. You may be planning a “devil may care” attitude while you travel (after all “What happens in Vegas…”) but it’s good to remember that sanitation and hygiene standards can be very different when traveling.
  • Being vaccinated for Hepatitis A is a routine precaution when going to hot or tropical climates – and sometimes a requirement. However, if you are planning to be there for periods past one month, you may want to consider looking into the Hepatitis B vaccine, too.
  • If you are disabled and wish to visit look to Disabled World for invaluable tips and information.
  • Avoid wearing bright colors and cover your body from head to toe to avoid catching serious mosquito-borne diseases in Africa or the tropics. If you want to repel mosquitoes naturally, use products made with citronella, soy or eucalyptus.

Most importantly, do your research before you travel. Currently, a nasty mosquito borne illness is making its way across the United States. Zika Virus is not something that has been experienced before by many healthcare specialists since it isn’t native to the country. Even if you have visited the area before it’s always good to double check to be sure nothing new has crept in. So, do your research and most of all have fun in your travels!

Applications & Resources

  • Check out Fit for Travel or any other travel specific website that can help you research your destinations.
  • Go to Disabled World if you have a disability to help make your travels easier.
  • Also try a sample pack of iGOZEN to pack away for your travels. Make sure your fresh food is truly clean.

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