TurmericGolden Healing in The Pantry

You may already know that your home pantry can hold a plethora of natural remedies. We decided turmeric should be an everyday staple in our home remedy pantry. The most available source to find turmeric is powder – found in the spice aisle of your grocery store. You can learn how to spot turmeric at your local whole food farmers’ market or health store in other forms too. Check out the benefits turmeric has to offer and a couple tasty ways to use it below!

Wellness, Migraines & Inflammation

A powerful anti-inflammatory, turmeric is an all-natural and chemical-free way to bring some much-needed relief to those who suffer with migraines. Eat Naked Now offers a cocktail that they say, when taken at the first sign of a migraine can tame that horrid beast! One of the reasons we love posting articles like this one is because it never ceases to amaze how many natural remedies there are for common ailments in our pantries and backyards! Turmeric offers many healing properties and wellness options. It can be especially helpful for those suffering from inflammation. The liver is your primary organ for detoxifying your body. Building up your liver’s ability to detox naturally increases your wellness. This yellow spice stimulates the production of bile, helping to escort toxins through the digestive tract. It also helps purify your blood as well as being a potent anti-inflammatory.

A Natural & Yummy Addition

You can add Turmeric to your diet in many ways:

  • Juices: add it to your morning green juice (helps with inflammation and aids in digestion)
  • Tea: Turmeric root with ginger and lemon is yummy (anti-oxidant rich) or try cider
  • Liquid Drops: Turmeric drops can be found in health food stores and added to tea and salad dressings
  • Cooking: Famous in curries, they pair great with all meats and veggies!
  • Baking: Turmeric scones

Turmeric will not only add a beautiful hue to your dishes but also offer a healthy boost to your immune system. Your pantry once again has produced an all-natural home remedy keeping your home chemical-free!

Applications & Resources

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