custom candleMaking an Organic Difference

I always enjoy meeting like-minded people living organic lifestyles. When I’m out in the community, and I come across others who are passionate about living organic and chemical-free. I am especially excited when I find out that they have also dedicated their lives to recreating products that enhance an organic and chemical-free world. I was thrilled when I had an opportunity to meet Marcie Manfredonia. Her vibrant personality draws you in, but what I found truly endearing is her passion. From her work with the American Cancer Society to her tireless efforts to find a candle that would provide aromatherapy without hurting her asthmatic child – Marcie has become an unstoppable force for the organic community.

The Heart of a Child

For every mother, there is no greater driving force than the needs of a child. When we set out developing iGOZEN, we wanted to ensure that our product was safe for children and pets. We wanted to make sure that our product was everything we promised it could be. So you can see why I was touched by the story associated with Custom Candle Co. & Marcie Manfredonia. Marcie wanted the same for her little family. She wanted a home that was warm and inviting. She also loved the aromatherapy and ambiance that candles can bring to the home. Sprays and artificial air fresheners were not an option as her child was asthmatic. With a family suffering from asthma and allergies, she set out to find a solution. Marcie was soon to learn that it wasn’t so easy to locate a nontoxic, all-natural, organic, long-lasting candle. In the true spirit of meeting a need, she decided it was time just to do it herself. With much research, she developed her all-organic soy candle. Now what to put it in? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Marcie’s son came forward with concern. He also cared deeply for the environment. Why not recycle used bottles? Why fill up the landfills when we could use those beautiful bottles?

Custom Candle Co & So Much More

Not only does Custom Candle Co. produce organic, hand poured, all-natural soy custom candles, they also carry many other beautiful all-natural candles & lotions. They have teamed up with the American Cancer Society. It’s a natural transition for someone with such a big heart who has been touched by cancer in her life after losing both her parents to the disease. She has produced a candle in support of Breast Cancer Research. This allows proceeds from every Breast Cancer candle to go towards this cause. They have also teamed up with their local ASPCA and created a candle that helps with your fur-kids little oops’es and proceeds go to help support the care of abandoned and fostering of animals. When you walk into their store, you are welcomed not only with smiling faces but with a sense of awe when you learn that, the shelves and counters were made by Marcie’s husband, Nick. A talented carpenter and artist who works with reclaimed wood. From the old reclaimed barn door in the back to the barn wood on the walls – there is hardly a spot that was not lovingly created by Nick. All this offsets the Organic Raw Goat Milk Soap, 100% Soy Candles, or Kobo Seeds Collection candles that have plantable packaging! Another wonderful way this family has become a cornerstone of their local organic community. I never want to forget to stop and give thanks to everyone who makes an effort to further the organic community. As we raise awareness for each other, we are raising awareness of how important it is to live a toxic-free, chemical-free lifestyle. In doing this for each other and our greater communities, you can bring a little Zen into your life.

Applications & Resources

iGOZEN is a philosophy and a way of life. We are proud to offer you a 100% organic, chemical-free and toxin-free Fruit/Veg Wash & Everday Cleaner that is safe for even the most sensitive skin. We are also happy to be a part of a rich community that includes you! We hope you enjoy our articles and posts as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.