riceBran TechnologiesRiceBran sports the Non-GMO Label

If you are a regular part of the iGOZEN community you already know how much we care about pure, natural ingredients. Going back to the source of our foods can unlock the health benefits of the food you eat. RiceBran Technologies has been doing just that!

Breaking News!

Financial News Media announced that as of September 29, 2014, RiceBran Technologies has been approved for the Non-GMO Project Verified Seal! It is important we recognize these companies because this is not a small feat. The process is a rigorous one. Janet Balson, with RiceBran, made the comment:

“We are pleased to receive independent verification that our rice bran food ingredients are free of genetically modified organisms, and we have begun placing the Non-GMO Verified seal on our products. This is a significant milestone for our Company in that it highlights a major benefit of our nutrient dense rice bran products for customers and manufacturers looking to source food ingredients that are Non-GMO, free of known allergens, natural, minimally processed, vegetarian, vegan and derived from a renewable and sustainable sources.”

Why Should We Care about Non-GMO?

There are many common sense reasons to support companies who have been granted the right to hold these seals. The average person doesn’t know what the long list of ingredients mean. But when we remove the complicated language, we can make informed choices for our well-being. Recognizing companies that use Non-GMO ingredients and are Certified Organic tells the majority what we want. We want full disclosure! We want and deserve to know where our food comes from and what exactly is in it. We want plain language that is easy for the consumer to understand. No more hiding behind complicated terms or secret ingredients! Well done, RiceBran Technologies! We urge other companies to go the extra mile and make the changes necessary to welcome in a healthier tomorrow!  

Applications & Resources for Non-GMO

  • Check out the process and gain more information about Non-GMO Project Verified foods
  • Speak out demand full disclosure products and business practices by purchasing only safe, organic, verified products.
  • Learn more about the environment and how it is effected by industrial practices through the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Take time to read and understand the labels on your food items and home cleaning products. If you can’t understand what is in it don’t put it in your body. Be active in your health and find out what it all means!
iGOZEN is a philosophy and a way of life. We not only bring you an opportunity to have clean food through our Fruit/Veg Wash and our Meat/Fish Wash, but we also want to preserve our environment. Our Everyday cleaner is chemical and toxic-free. We support companies that are making the effort to rise above the conventional and support the consumer. We want to recognize those who are sharing in this journey to make a better world not only for ourselves but for you.