Monterey Park, California (August 4, 2014) – iGOZEN is offering a fruit and vegetable wash made of 100% natural, organic ingredients that effectively neutralize bacteria which cause food-borne diseases and remove pesticides and different kinds of impurities found on fruits and vegetables. Through the product, the company aims to help families consume items that are cleaner and free from environmental toxins, leaving them worry-free. Fruits and vegetables sold in the market still contain harmful toxins like pesticide residue, even after they have been thoroughly washed with water. When ingested regularly, these toxins may result in harmful long-term effects in the form of various kinds of illnesses. Some of the more serious long-term effects include chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, schizophrenia, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and infertility, among others. The iGOZEN wash is an odorless, chemical-free powder that cleans fruits and vegetables more effectively than other organic cleaners in the market. The eco-cleaner is organically-harvested from seashells, which provide the potent and natural cleaning abilities. Moreover, with its deep penetrating cleansing powers and high alkaline level, it also kills germs and bacteria that are lingering on fruits and vegetables. To create the iGOZEN formula, the company employs a patented manufacturing process, which begins with the harvesting of the seashells that are made of alkaline rich-calcium. They then pulverize the seashells into micro-fine powder, capable of penetrating surfaces of fruits and vegetables where pesticides seep in, which other organic cleaners cannot reach. The company also offers a meat & fish wash, as well as the everyday cleaning wash that also feature the same cleaning abilities. Furthermore, it is also safe for children and also saves more money when refilling, as the bottle provided is reusable. To learn more about the product and to request for a free sample, About iGOZEN Aimed at helping people achieve healthy and balanced lives, iGOZEN produced the cleaning formula that promotes balance between men and the environment, without compromising exceptional cleaning. Their commitment towards quality is reflected by their 100% guarantee and complete refund, in case the customers are not satisfied with their product.