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Eating a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables is a strong start to a healthy lifestyle. Juicing and adding smoothies offers variety for your consumption. Nevertheless, it can also offer residual toxins from cross-contamination a fast track into your bloodstream! Even your organic produce can be contaminated with harmful bacteria thanks to natural insects, the wind, and other sources. Neutralizing this bacteria and having an organic, all natural, and chemical-free food wash to do the job, as well as break down water resistant pesticides could make or break your next meal.

Are All Created Equal? – Your Solution

Food washes come in many shapes and sizes. There are even a few organic food washes on the market. Still, not all food washes are created equal – are they? For example, when you are looking for a way to neutralize dangerous bacteria, the best way to stay chemical free is to adjust the pH. An effective food wash is specifically pH balanced for neutralizing bacteria that can live in both acidic and alkaline environments. You’re very conscientious about your health and the health of your family. Of course, you will want to ensure any food wash you choose is never tested on animals. It should also be hypoallergenic so that even the most sensitive of skin is safe while cleaning. Pesticides and other oil-based chemicals need more than water alone to cut sufficiently through and clean.

Why iGOZEN Fruit/ Veg Wash?

iGOZEN is derived from natural seashells. Calcium and sea salt are the ingredients in our product, and it has been labeled as safe for human consumption. All our organic cleaning products are specially designed for use on or near foods. IGOZEN is laboratory tested to kill 99.99% of bacteria such as E-coli, Salmonella, and Pseudomonas aeruginosin bacteria. IGOZEN may also eliminate other unwanted bacteria as part of restoring pH balance. All of the products are safe and tested by an FDA registered lab. The high alkalinity ensures 99.9% of all bacteria so you can feel confident every time you wash your fruits and vegetables.